We’ve moved!

Here’s our story.

As you may know, my husband Sandor and I own the lovely building that has been the home of Santa Cruz Dance Company for the past 7 of our 12 years in business.

Our studio was born in 2002 when Frank Duncan and I shared a beautiful one-room studio in Aptos.

Over the years we have grown, and our community has been solid. For those of you who have danced with us for many years, or come and gone as it worked for your schedule, as well as those who have joined us recently, we cherish the life, joy and passion you bring, and we love you for it!

We put the studio on the market almost a year ago, with an open mind to all possibilities. Our program had become a smaller, concentrated set of classes, allowing me time to raise our teenage son (who was just a baby when we opened) and expand my career with Zumba Fitness as an educator. I’ve also been able to indulge in my other passions, including nutrition, dance & wellness retreats, healthy lifestyle and disease-prevention mentoring and online cleanses and detox programs. Since January of this year, I have had the pleasure of working with over 500 enthusiastic ‘clients’ from all over the world.

We were clear that, as much as we love the Porter St. studio, it’s the people that truly mattered to us, not the space. And so…we will be leasing out the building, long-term, to a sweet and innovative pre-school and aftercare facility while we move a modified class schedule to Pacific Arts Complex (PAC) located at 1122 Soquel Ave in Santa Cruz.

The owners (and former SCDC staff members) Mireya, David, Leslie and Tisha have been amazing and welcoming to us, and have been ready for us to move in since May. Their spacious, urban dance space has a beautiful sprung wood dance floor, is flooded with natural light and is located within walking distance of some of Santa Cruz’s best restaurants and cafes including Midtown Café, Charlie Hong Kong, The Crepe Place, Lillian’s Italian Kitchen, as well as Whole Foods and Staff of Life Markets. They also have a massive parking lot, ready and waiting for our SCDC bustle and post-class conversations.

PAC 1122 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz.