Joy Smith (Owner of Santa Cruz Dance Company)

International Dance and Fitness Presenter and Zumba Education Specialist. Choreographer for music videos, TV, Movies, musical artists etc. in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Brazil, Japan and the US. Awards include: International Presenter of the Year in Italy, Funk Instructor of the Year in France and Aerobic Instructor of the Year in Santa Cruz. ACE and AFAA faculty and CEC provider.




Mitch Lang

I have been a professional dancer for 27 years. I have training in Ballet, Modern, and Tap and have performed in many cities around the world including Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City, New York City, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, Bangkok and more. I have some training in Ballroom with a special interest in the Latin styles. Because of a general interest in health and fitness I have also been working out in athletic clubs utilizing machines as well as free weights for overall general fitness. About four years ago I went to my first Zumba class here in the Santa Cruz area and immediately fell in love. I can’t help but smile when teaching or taking a Zumba class. With the incredible Latin and International Rhythms, music and dancing styles, I have so much fun it doesn’t seem like a workout. I am hoping to bring that same energy and enthusiasm while teaching Zumba, inspiring and motivating you to reach whatever fitness goals you are trying to achieve. Lets ZUMBA! Woohoo!









Angelo Manzano

Born and raised in the Philippines, Angelo didn’t realize his passion for dance and teaching until he first heard the fun “noise” of a Zumba class at a Salinas Gym over 4 years ago. Formally trained in the fine arts, Angelo studied painting and sculpture at the Philippine High School for the Arts where he interacted with other students from different art disciplines (Music, Dance, Theater, Creative Writing). Through his daily encounters with these young artists (particularly the dance majors) his love for the art of dancing was awakened. A shy type like many young painters, Angelo to this very day had no idea that his future would include getting on stage and shaking his body parts in front of a fitness class…and actually feels thrilled and happy about it! Zumba opened up a lot of opportunities for this less-than-a-decade-old-immigrant. Zumba helped connect Angelo to a myriad of professionals and great individuals, some of them later on becoming his best friends. Angelo has taught in Salinas, Santa Cruz, and Monterey, California, as well as in Zimmerman and Minneapolis, Minnesota. To Angelo, dancing is not at all different from a painting. Instead of a paintbrush, you use your body parts on a blank canvas called the stage.


Libby Miga

Libby Miga

If there is one thing that makes Libby come alive, it’s dancing. Libby’s background in dance includes West African, classical ballet, hip hop, Jamaican Dancehall and Hula Hoop dance. She enjoys fusing various world dance styles in her choreographed routines for ZUMBA, which is now the perfect platform for her to share her passion with others! Libby is now performing as a professional dancer and teaches at various fitness studios in the Bay Area.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” ― Martha Graham



Brooke Justice